Gulf Coast Veterinary Emergency Hospital, Pa.

8144 East Oaklawn Road
Biloxi, MS 39532


Meet Our Doctors

Jeff Sutton, DVM 

Jeff is a 1999 graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary medicine. He had the chance to work in a very progressive veterinary facility just south of Cincinatti, Ohio. It provided him excellent mentorship for business, compassionate care, and top notch veterinary medicine.


After some time, Jeff, along with Jennifer returned to coastal Mississippi after surveying the needs of area veterinarians and determining that they needed to open their own practice at Gulf Coast Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

Jennifer Lewando Sutton, DVM

Jennifer is a 1998 graduate of Louisiana State University of Veterinary Medicine. She does a lot of local volunteer works and loves to give back to her community.

As a doctor working at Gulf Coast Veterinary Emergency Hospital, she is capable of handling animals that require more specialized services, such as blood transfusions, oxygen therapy, and complex surgical procedures.


 Sarah Burke, DVM

 Dr. Burke has previously worked in emergency medicine for MedVet, Medical and Cancer Center for Pets in Mobile, Alabama.