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Kind Words from Our Clients

These folks work SO very hard and at demanding hours, I thank them even though they might not here it!

Tara M.

I brought my dog in since her normal vet wasn’t yet open. They took good care of her.

The price originally quoted did change since she had to stay over night, but she got the care she needed in time so that she didn’t die.

I’m so glad this place was here when my dog needed help, and answered my questions when I called to check on my pup.

Ashley N.

I am very thankful we have this place. Used it a few times, between dogs being really sick to having to say goodbye to a elderly dog late at night.

One of my babies just really really hurt himself...and they took him right back. Not everywhere has a place like this so thank you for what yall do!

Jennifer P.

Awesome caring service!! We just left here with my chihuahua who had a reaction to a vaccine given earlier by my regular vet. As soon as we walked through the door a staff member was on it. I was very impressed!!

Sally was given steroid & Benadryl injections to help reduce the swelling. We were asked to stay in the lobby to wait for the swelling to subside. While sitting we watched all the comings & goings.

Let me tell you this staff is TERRIFIC at multi tasking. I lost count of how many came in & out & how many times the phone rang. A very busy place!! Each staff member was patience with each patient. You have to have a heart of gold to do what they do.

I highly recommend this clinic!!!

Susan B.

They took care of my senior dog crossing the bridge …. Compassionate care with the utmost respect. Thank you

Melinda M.

We tried to get our beloved Sam there on time, but he passed away just as we were pulling into the parking lot. They were so kind and compassionate. We've been there several times in emergencies and are thankful for the care we have received.


I actually didn't go. I called and the lady I spoke to was so helpful. Her recommendation absolutely made my pup MUCH better. And she was kind and patient.

Sue G.

Staff is wonderful and very kind! Prices are very affordable!

Athena P.

Dr. Jeffrey Sutton and his crew on Easter Sunday were simply wonderful in their care of an unfortunate Boxer that had been hit by a car and left. They were terribly busy, but they were able to help everyone there and kept us informed of the progress of the dog's care.

I have used them before for emergencies when my vet is unavailable and will continue to do so. Thanks to all of you!!

Audrey W.

I cannot say enough good things about this emergency hospital. Our dog had a emergency and needed life-saving surgery. They took her in promptly and saved her life. Their care was kind and thorough. I would not hesitate to bring my pet to this clinic.

Beth P.

I am so grateful for this facility. My diabetic cat's blood sugar crashed and I found him seizuring in a pile of his own vomit. I didn't think we would even make it to the office, but I relieved to say, he is still here. They took him in immediately, with no hesitation and they saved his life. The staff is above and beyond kind and they work their tails off. Jenn and Christina are two shining stars over there. People need to understand it is an EMERGENCY vet and they are doing the best they can to get to everyone as soon as possible.

Melinda A.

Our puppy had a UTI, and although the wait was long (I’m sure many more animals had higher acuity issues than our pup), when it was finally our turn, they took excellent care of us and promptly diagnosed the issue. Gave us a copy of labs, gave pain meds and antibiotics, and gave our pup a hygienic shave. Very professional and a beautiful facility as well. I would not hesitate to take any of my animals there again.

Anna P.

Everyone was so sweet and caring! I was highly impressed and my little stray 1.5 pound kitten received really good care.

Beth S.

Very welcoming staff that made an emergency situation feel less overwhelming. Beautiful facility and plenty of room no matter what size animal you bring.

Brooke B.

I just have to say how wonderful these folks are.

We brought our baby in when he was having bloody stool and they were so kind and understanding.

They gave us demonstrations on how to give him his medicine and gave amazing advice on dog food. Can’t recommend them enough. 💛

Kelsey J.

We had to take our dog in an emergency situation to this lovely place I've never been before Gulf Coast veterinarian and I encountered Bobby who is the administrator she is amazing very helpful patient kind loving caring understanding and you couldn't ask for anyone nicer especially in such difficult times of and they save the dog thank God that they the veterinarian the wife and the husband just so amazing and I'm new here from Florida new to Mississippi.

I did not know what to expect but the administrator Bobby is wonderful and she helped me all along the way get Care credit and then handled my bill at the end explain every detail I couldn't ask for nicer person thank you so much thank you

Keri H.

I came home to find my 15 year old Japanese Lynx cat in the kitchen floor unable to move I rushed her to this clinic and THEY WERE JUST AWESOME!!!!! Even tho the diagnosis was not good-old age. They treated my fur baby and myself with the utmost respect. Allowed me to stay with her as she crossed that Rainbow Bridge!! I could not have asked for a better clinic. Thank you so very much!!!!

Tanya K.

My fur baby is in their care right now and they are wonderful! He's fighting for his life with Parvo, so I can't see him. They let me call ALOT for updates, and everyone is always so pleasant when I'm checking on my baby. Would highly recommend this Vet Hospital!

Rose Ann P.

The Doctor's was a pleasure to work with and the staff was equally as good ive never had a Veterinarian that cared about my dog's health like that whenever I'm visiting the Biloxi area and I have a problem with my dog's I'm going back to them even if its not a Emergency my wife and I thank all of you. I'm sure the treatment we received everyone gets the same.

Quentin P.

My dog could not have received better care. This is the most professional, clean, sanitary, great staff, wonderful catering to your pet. It's unbelievably a great place was just like walking into a human hospital. I couldn't recommend any place other than Gulf coastt veterinary emergency clinic

Rhonda Q.