In-House Diagnostics


Our state-of-the-art veterinary hospital is equipped with advanced in-house diagnostic capabilities to provide rapid and accurate assessments of your pet’s condition.

Our on-site diagnostics services include:

Radiology – Our facility is equipped with advanced radiology technology to provide accurate imaging for diagnosing various conditions and injuries in pets.

In-House Laboratory Analysis – We have an in-house laboratory that allows us to perform comprehensive diagnostic tests, including bloodwork and other lab analyses, to quickly assess your pet’s health status.

Ultrasound – We offer ultrasound services to visualize internal organs and soft tissues in pets, aiding in the diagnosis of various conditions.

Continuous Critical Care Monitoring – Our team provides round-the-clock critical care monitoring for pets requiring intensive care, ensuring their condition is closely monitored and managed.

Modern Surgical Suite – Our state-of-the-art surgical suite is equipped with advanced equipment and staffed with experienced surgeons to perform a wide range of emergency surgical procedures.

Full Veterinary Pharmacy – We have a comprehensive veterinary pharmacy on-site, stocked with a wide range of medications and supplies for prompt and convenient access to necessary treatments for your pets.

Our in-house diagnostics enable us to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet’s condition, which is crucial in emergency situations. Our experienced veterinarians interpret the results and develop appropriate treatment plans tailored to your pet’s needs.

We are committed to providing comprehensive and timely care for your pet, and our in-house diagnostic capabilities help us achieve that goal.

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